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Would you like to learn how to make more breakfasts yourself?
These classes allow you to discover your own creativity and originality in the kitchen. I encourage you to bring attention to your senses and play with spices, while working on your openness while putting your meals together.

You’ll learn to cultivate empathy for yourself by trying something new. They’re fun, educational and meaningful. Even though I’ll be guiding you, you choose your own expression. It’s a great activity to start taking care of yourself.

You’ll learn to use new ingredients and use them with confidence in the kitchen, saving time for your future gatherings or taco date night with yourself. This class will nourish you, leaving you happy and also harmonious in your body and mind.

By cooking regularly, you will cultivate a sense of overall ease and discover a healthy and balanced eating in your life.

My classes intend to help you create awareness in what you put in your body. Throughout, I’ll give you and help you create yummy recipes. With time, you will learn to stay more present, cook mindfully, and how to practice outside our class.


Ruth cooking class testimony

The Taco masterclass with Daniela was a great experience. It was a luxury to have someone so kind and loving to guide me in the kitchen with so much affection. With Daniela everything became easy, fluid and fun, and of course at the end I felt a great satisfaction of having cooked Mexican delicacies with my own hands. And all thanks to Daniela’s guidance and instructions. Thank you Daniela!


Online cooking classes on Zoom with Daniela Nolazco

Are you ready to cook delicious and nutritious meals and finally feel good in your body and mind?

I take care of you in class, guiding and assisting you.
So if you’ve come this far and you think it’s your time to start cooking with me.

Taco Master Class

Color your life with authentic Mexican food. In this class the colors, textures and condiments are the protagonist. From green to yellow , spicy to sweet. It’s a rainbow party that will activate your senses, boost your creativity and will make you feel more inspired.

This class helps you improve your shopping list and best of all digestion. It can result in a faster metabolism, healthy blood pressure, but also a healthier life.
Be the host of your next party surprising your guests with authentic Mexican foods. Cooking for friends and family is known to improve the quality of life and boosts happiness. My students say, ‘Taco every damn day’ after class.


Online Class Pricing 60 minutes

  • Single private class. 60€. Class duration 60 minutes.
    • Bring a friend for 40€.

Payments are taken beforehand, you will need to create first an account. You will receive a link to the class once your payment has been confirmed.

If you want to cook for more than 2 people let me know and I will send you the measurements and quantities accordingly.


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