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Would you like to enjoy the Online yoga classes on Zoom?
These classes allow you to take some time to breathe and relieve stress. I encourage you to bring attention to your physical and mental health, while working on your flexibility, and cultivating empathy for yourself.

They’re fun, yet can be as challenging as you like. You choose your own expression and move at your own pace.

You’ll leave the classes feeling recharged, relaxed and also harmonious in your body and mind. By taking classes regularly, you will cultivate a sense of overall ease and discover a healthy work-life balance.

My classes intend to help you create more balance in your day to day. Throughout, I’ll give you regular reminders to don’t take yourself so seriously and help you take what you’ve learned on the mat, off the mat too.

With time, you will learn to stay more present, patient, and accepting of the personal and professional situations that arise.


I changed several yoga teachers and classes in the past years until I finally found Daniela’s online course! I truly appreciate how seriously she takes the practice and at the same time how light she makes it feel. I love her voice and her cues are always clear! Her energy is contagious and she keeps me motivated and committed to show up on my mat every single week!


Enjoy the online yoga classes on Zoom with Daniela Nolazco
Fondo puntos salmón

Hi! I´m Daniela Nolazco, your yoga teacher

Yoga has improved my life on so many levels. I know this from my own experience working the whole day and never finding the time to relax. I have found the perfect balance by practicing the styles that I now teach. Yin,a practice to improve your focus, is a passive, more meditative style which offers great relaxation allowing you to continue with your busy week. Vinyasa Flow, a dynamic movement that helps us to recharge the body and soul for the week ahead.

I make you feel relaxed and energized, feeling free to move , creating space for your busy schedule. As my students always say “ that was just what I needed”

Fondo puntos salmón

Are you ready to break this vicious cycle and finally feel good in your body and mind?

I take care of you in each class, guiding and assisting you. So if you’ve come this far and you think it’s your time to start your yoga journey

Yummy Stretchy SUNDAY

Vinyasa Flow to recharge. In Vinyasa the breath is the guide that moves your body from one posture to another. It’s a dynamic sequence that will get rid of stress hormones and instead will make you feel more relaxed and energized.

This flow helps you improve your focus and concentration. It can result in a faster metabolism, healthy blood pressure, but also more physical and mental flexibility and strength. It’s known that it’s an aid to better sleep. My students say, ‘it’s exactly what they need’ after a busy day

60 minutes class – recharge:

11 am – 12 pm (CET)
10 am – 11 am (GMT)



Yin Yoga is a passive, more meditative style which offers great relaxation after a busy day. In this class we hold each pose for about 5 minutes aiding the body to relax connected tissue such as the ligaments, tendons and fascia.

In Yin we tune in with the parasympathetic nervous system, also called the ‘rest and digest system’. The practice among other things, improves focus and increases the immune system The benefits of this class are countless.

Try it today and more positive way of seeing life.

60 minutes class – recharge:

7:45 pm – 8:45 pm (CET)
6:45 pm – 7:45 pm (GMT)


Online Private Classes

These private classes are customized to your needs. They focus on relaxation of the body, helping you to gradually become more flexible in your body.

The classes are adapted to your anatomy, physiology, needs and desires. I recommend making use of props for support (props can be blocks, blankets, pillows, straps, chairs, walls, or any furniture at home that offers you stability).

Before your first class, we’ll meet online to speak about what exactly you would like to work on. You can also tell me about any conditions or limitations you have, so that I can make your classes more enjoyable.
This class will be just for you, you won’t be left behind. Choose exactly when and where in your body you want to work today.


Online Class Pricing

Class packages:

  • Single class. 10€ (save 5%). Valid for 1 month*.
  • 5 classes + 1 free class. 48€ (save 5%). Valid for two months*.
  • 10 classes + 1 free class. 90€ (save 11%). Valid for four months*.
  • 20 classes + 1 free class. 170€ (save 18%). Valid for eight months*.
  • Single private class. 60€. Valid for 1 month*.
    • Bring a friend for 40€.

Payments are taken beforehand, you will need to create first an account. You will receive a link to the class once your payment has been confirmed.
*Expiration from the date of purchase.

Feel good in your body and soul and let go of the distractions around you.


Daniela Nolazco - Online yoga classes

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